A true quality brand is only as good as the content it provides for its consumer, you need intriguing and creative content to have a good marketing campaign. It’s difficult to know where the line is drawn between being too promotional and not enough push. That’s why the true trick is to be promotional in unique ways that don’t even seem like advertising, but more so focused on the content your customer enjoys. Every time you entertain your consumers, you are helping spread the word, build your brand name and sales. We’ve collected a few unique ways to spice up your content.

1.Generate Memorable Memes
Memes (also known as GIFs) can be found just about anywhere on the web these days and that’s because people absolutely adore them. Memes are fun, popular, and memorable, therefore it’s pretty easy for a good one to go viral. Incorporating memes in your marketing campaign will develop a great brand image.

2. Livestream Videos
It has been proven that video is 5.33x more effective than text, and livestream videos present the unique ability to insert CTAs or product and service information in innocuous ways. More people are starting to watch videos online opposed to viewing them on television. Also, livestream presents a more personal feel, giving the consumer a more trusting instinct about your brand.

3. Behind the Scenes Shots
Showing the consumer what goes on behind the scenes gives off a more intimate relationship and introduces them to the soul behind your company. By unveiling your company, you also are showing that you have nothing to hide, which will build trust between your brand and the consumer.

4. Start a Weekly Series
If your company has an Instagram account, you have probably noticed that some photos get a lot more comments and likes than the others. In order to keep the likes and comments high, track your analytics and find out what the most popular posts on your feed are. Then, try making weekly series by dedicating one day to that specific theme. We all know how popular #throwbackthursday is.

5. Quotes and Inspirational Messages
One of the most popular things on the web is the posting of inspirational messages and quotes. It might be a cliché, but people love it nonetheless. Think about what your brand’s core values are and create a text image with a relatable quote/phrase.

6. Create Controversy
Everyone loves a little drama, so why not play the devil’s advocate to get some discussion going on your site. Creating controversy is one of the best ways to increase traffic on your site. Once you’ve picked a topic people can be emotionally invested in, you’re guaranteed to have some good discussions going on between your visitors.

7. Comics and Cartoons
Presenting material in the form of pictures rather than text will benefit your company in several ways. Using comics and cartoons will intrigue and entertain your consumers because people are visually driven creatures. Making a cute cartoon to announce you’re having a sale or to reach out to the younger crowd always helps.

8. Podcasts
The success of podcasts are slowly becoming popular as more marketers are shifting to this form of promotion. Podcasts are easy to make and promoted on various platforms. A podcast usually runs from 2 to 9 minutes with highly engaging content used within them.

9. Tutorial Videos
How-to’s are always popular, so if you have a product or service that can be better explained on video, create a step-by-step tutorial to help them out. Showing your consumers that using your product can be easy or fun is always a bonus when it comes to purchasing.

10. Shout Out
Social media is about being social, so the majority of the time your account should be about sharing the culture of your brand and engaging with followers. Try celebrating other people by thinking about who inspires you and giving them a little shout out. This can be another account user, a business owner, or someone famous.