A business starting a blog is becoming one of the most important marketing strategies to improve sales and organic customer engagement behind actually launching a website to sell your products. Blogging allows businesses to interact with customers and ultimately takes the route of involving them in your brand to improve their connection with your company. Several new and small brands have become successful, even competing with big mogul companies that may be considered as competition, simply by creating a blog – in other words, sharing the true personality placed behind the company. However, many businesses still aren’t jumping at this opportunity because as the benefits are not often highlighted all too frequently and are mostly currently considered only among stereotypical blog related content like fashion or food. As innovative as it may seem, blogging can truly tap into any industry and is a superb reason besides consistent free traffic to get started. We’ve collected our Top 12 Reasons To Start Your blog today.

1.Gain More Exposure For Your Business
If a company’s blog is full of useful, relevant content/information it will increase sales opportunities and find possible business partners/employees essentially effortlessly. If your brand has great blog content, people will want to save and share it – therefore introducing your brand to new people.

2. Blogs are Good For SEO Optimization
Blogs fuel SEO because search engines love valuable content and you will be rewarded for your efforts made. One of the ways that search engines determine what order to rank search results is by how often you update your website, as well as the relevant keywords and structure within your content.

3. A Blog Creates A Personality For Your Brand
People do business with people they trust and like, a blog is a sure way to build a relationship with your audience. When you write regular blog posts, potential customers are able to witness the personalities behind the business, showing a more genuine and humane side to your brand.

4. Provide Better Customer Service
Customers crave dialogue/interaction with their favorite companies, a blog creates a two-way conversation that encourages customers to interact with you and provide feedback. The more time you dedicate to responding to their comments and show care, the more trust is built between you and the customer.

5. Boost Your Credibility
Your about page tells who you are, however, your blog proves it. Your blog posts will speak to your commitment to your business, brand and the quality of what you’re trying to sell. If you say that all your products are environmentally friendly, than the best way to prove it is to go into depth about environmentally friendly related content in your blog posts. Don’t be shy to get creative!

6. Blog Posts Can Help You Go Viral
By encouraging your readers to share your brand’s posts on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest, your blog and business can spread rapidly. However, this is only effective if you post content worth sharing. The more creative and helpful your posts are, the better chance you have of boosting your brand’s name.

  7. Helps You Stay Ahead of the Curve
With a business, you have to constantly be aware of new trends, possible competitors, and all news related. Having a blog helps your business be a  leader within your industry by forcing you to engage with that social element. You are able to follow brands similar to yours and witness popular trends that you should consider exploring.

8. Blogs are Cost-Effective Marketing Investments
Every time you post on your blog, you are providing a long-term asset that helps build brand awareness, as well as promote your expertise, products and services. The best part about a blog post is that a visitor can come back your article and share the content at any time.

9. A Blog Can Educate Your Audience
When you provide useful, practical information on your blog posts, it helps establish your brand as an expert in your field. The more you can educate your audience about what they are being sold on, the more your audience will view you as an authority in your field, eventually building trust and selling products.

10. Understand Customers Better
Blogging can help you gain insight about who your audience truly is and what they need and want. By checking out your analytics you can see what topics are covered in your most popular post and give people more of what they like. You can also read through customer comments to see what questions need to be answered and what problems need to be fixed.

11. Get More Traffic and Leads
By starting a blog, you can drive more traffic to your website and get more leads. Research shows that businesses that blog more than half of traffic and generate 4 times as many leads.

12. Improve Your Sales Skills
Constantly blogging means you’re constantly talking about your products, services, and industries. Through this process, you learn the best ways to explain a concept and speak to your target audience. You learn how to get people to respond, and learn what to avoid.