It’s no surprise that consumers have their favorite websites and shops they enjoy visiting frequently or shopping from on a consistent basis, but have you ever questioned how they’ve built up to that? Although the occasional customer appreciation email is important, there are many more elements allowing consumers to feel special almost effortlessly. A continuous stream of elements that visitors have enjoyed time and time again that have encouraged the return of their business. Imagine your personal favorite coffee shop or shoe store, why do you find yourself always returning? We’ve collected a handful of the best tips to help you create an unforgettable experience for your consumers to savor for many seasons to come.


  1. N.P.C.E. Nurturing Personalized Customer Experiences allows your customer to feel exceptionally exclusive. Set forth any tailored action you can to achieve this as a goal.
  2. Safe & Sound Build safe user profiles/checkouts that are familiar in setting/design to add an additional secure, reliable experience for your shopper.
  3. Demographics & Data Integrating demographics/data into your campaigns can help you to better fit your customer’s needs. As a marketer valuable notes like gender, location, age and interests can truly help you define/tailor clients needs for the future.
  4. Social Connect Members that are active on social media want to share purchases with their network, in turn help promote your business as well. Comments! Reviews! Photos!
  5. M(Optimize)bile Allow your content and purchasing pages to be available across all devices effortlessly – an easy to shop, simple to navigate & check out type of process.
  6. Innovate & Engage Quizzes? Horoscopes? Style tips? Any creative or innovative ways you can create to engage and interact with your customers is a wise avenue to take.
  7. Ad Me? Have advertisements similar to the products you sell or don’t – one or the other. Similar to when you see a toothbrush in the candy aisle… the ad either fits in perfectly or stands out like a sore thumb – there’s no in between.
  8. Keep It Real Think real relations! Try to relate with/connect to your consumers as real people and not just email addresses, both sides of the fence will benefit from this effort.
  9. Think Tank! Dedicate a (creative & brief) part of your customer’s shopping experience allowing them to provide feedback, if satisfied most will take the time to contribute gladly..
  10. Be There or Be Square Staying active on social media and interacting with your customers be it on Twitter, Instagram or even your own webpage is highly advised.
  11. Happiest Place on the Web Build customer profiles in an exciting way to allow your customers to personalize their experience, allowing it to become a treat for them to visit your website.

Take Notes You’ll never know until you try! Trial & test to see what suits your brand best. Customers and KPI’s will let you know within a matter of metrics.