It’s known that in order for business to thrive, a business must know when it’s time to hit the refresh button and evaluate what could exceed your efforts to the next level. If you’d like to see your business reach all the goals you’ve intended for your company, it takes a bit of investment in evaluating/recognizing when your brand could use revitalizing. Taking a pause to reflect on big questions affecting your business can be tricky since it forces you to stop doing and start thinking on how to take action towards better results. Just remember, if you fail to plan – you are planning to fail. To help you consider how you can refresh your business for the new season we’ve collected 12 tips to help you get organized and thinking about what your business truly needs to gain a new set of success.

1. Enhance your content
If you’re like most business owners, you probably haven’t refreshed your content in months, quite possibly even years. Publishing fresh content on a regular basis is important to engage your customers and increase your SEO. Think you’ve been slacking in that avenue? What a brilliant time to get a fresh start with your new game plan.

2. Update your mobile site
It’s all about being mobile-friendly currently as 90% of consumers browse using their mobile devices Assuring that your site is easy enough for a five year old to work is a sure bet to gaining more business in the long run. If you are unsure whether or not your site is mobile-friendly, use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool as a test run. This is an important factor as you’ll likely be sending lots of traffic to your webpage via various sources.

3. Verify Infrequent recipients
Email addresses can change frequently and rapidly, so there is always a good chance some of the address of your mailing list are no longer active or have been abandoned. Run an email verification utilizing a verification system to flag emails that are no longer valid, changed, spam traps, or abandoned accounts. Take the time to reward your survivors on the mailing list by offering an incentive related to your company’s revamp.

4. Establish new business resolutions
By establishing resolutions you will be able to challenge yourself with new business goals and reinforce your brand. Setting new goals (attainable and far fetched ones) will inspire you throughout the season as you know there are a few points to be touched upon to exceed to the next level. Having specific objectives and reaping the benefits of that will help you stay focused throughout the year. Keep in mind goals for the next refresher as well.

5. Check in with your customers
If you want to retain and gain new customers, customer service must be at an all time prime. By scheduling efforts to talk to your customers about their complaints and pleasures with your company, you will make them feel heard. In addition, it’s more likely for consumers to support a company they know well, trust well and believe in.

6. Rebrand
Occasionally, when products and business aren’t positioned properly, a rebrand is necessary to solve the problem. This doesn’t mean simply changing your logo, but more so means trying to target a larger or specific audience based on a complete redesign of your entire approach. If your product is mainly purchased by older men, try and find a way to make it appealing for a younger audience. Taking the time to expand your business and evaluate any room for growth is a sure way to see results to be proud of, both long term and short term.

7. Create a new marketing plan
If what your company was doing before hasn’t been working as well as you’d like, a new marketing plan can reinvigorate your business by giving you a fresh start. Mixing this new strategy in with your re-branding to make the most out of social media, customer service and optimization of your site will reap only benefits. Not only is severely noticeable when a business takes the care towards refreshing their company, but it also attracts both new and old consumers to your brand as it’s likely they are mildly just as excited as you are. Who doesn’t love new and shiny?

8. Take a risk, or two
During times of crisis, many believe it’s best to play it safe. However, if you are trying to save or amplify a business the best course of action is taking a bold risk – one that will draw a great deal of attention. Risks are often not only respected, but also seemingly gain great results depending on how effectively they were planned and executed.

9. Surprise your consumers
Sending out a reminder email about a sale will be a welcomed surprise to customers who enjoy your product or service. Also utilize these efforts to help amplify sales, sending out sales exclusive to certain platforms and tailoring the content to that audience is likely to capture some attention.Try to send along the content to a select special bunch first in order to give them first dibs due to the idea that everyone loves a deal and loyalty should be rewarded.

10. Enhance the user experience
Your website design is essential for the user experience. A site that is functional and easy to navigate will prompt customers to return. Interweaving other fun elements to your site will create an experience that is memorable to your consumers, ideally spreading the word on your company. When a customer discovers an excellent user experience from start to finish, it’s likely they will not only return, but also spread the word.

11. Partner up – if it makes sense.
Especially important for small businesses, teaming up with a company that has more exposure is a wise deal. A good partner can help your business grow tremendously if paired properly. However, a bad partnership will only make sales plummet and taint your brand’s image, making it important to choose your collaboration wisely. Make sure your partner will only help your company prosper – not just give you extra down time.

12. Network, network, network!
Networking can help you find new suppliers, key partners, customers, and even staff. Use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to get the best results. It can take up time, but it’s worth it in the end.