Taking the steps towards becoming a successful marketer absolutely takes time, effort, energy & lots of learning. Just like any other aspect of your life or something you’d like to learn, lots of trial & error will be included to learn what works best for you to attain success. A superb starting point is setting a small group of habits to implement into your business’s lifestyle to help you gain the most out of your everydays. If certain aspects of your efforts work well & gain consistent ROI, why not keep them up? If you’re looking to begin a new business, or simply seeking ways to improve your existing business – Brand the Globe has got you covered with a few tasks in particular to focus on. We’ve collected a helpful roster of items to consider while looking to develop a healthy new set of habits to develop & help your business thrive. Remember to remain creative, think on the bigger picture & continue to be consistent.


  1. Write as much as you can. From notes to ideas – getting thoughts out for later use is important.
  2. Take the effort to understand what your consumers/customers enjoy & want more of.
  3. Remain organized no matter what! As tough as it may seem – organization is the strongest suitor towards success.
  4. Consider every day a fresh start / new beginning to becoming a better marketer.  
  5. Advertise via ‘Word of Mouth’ as frequently as you can. From the woman in the grocery store to the locals in your neighborhood, you never know who could use your services.
  6. Offering discounts is a strong habit to maintain & a quick/sure way to gain loyal consumers over time.
  7. Build meaningful relationships with consumers/B2B/collaborators or whomever you may come across as a business owner / marketer.
  8. Become fond with other business you’d like to collaborate with (reach out to them accordingly)
  9. Create & maintain many social media handles for your consumers to enjoy & interact with.
  10. Remain inspired – as we know these is an easy aspect to lose, as a marketer it’s important to stay in touch with your creative side.
  11. Keep a continuous list of ongoing ideas & goals to continue executing as time moves forward.
  12. ALWAYS remain organized …. at all costs. You can thank us later.
  13. Blend passion with social purpose by highlighting causes you care about or would like to see thrive. Foundations/Fundraisers/Missions etc. Take note from brands like Toms Shoes or This Bar Saves Lives.
  14. Attend industry related events & master the art of mingling / networking.
  15. Creatively/Kindly ask for testimonials from professionals/consumers  when you see suitable.
  16. Reach out to connect & collaborate with other brands you can foresee elevating your brand.
  17. Continuously review & measure your competitors. Learn from their mistakes & successors.
  18. Don’t be shy to ask your consumers for feedback – both good & bad. Neglecting how your consumers experience your brand is one of the largest mistakes to date.
  19. Take the time to Track, Monitor & Adjust what works well for your consumers & fans over time.
  20. Keep calm & stay happy. If you’re not happy with the outcomes of your brand, who else will be?