It’s no news that social media can aid in the boost of sale or the gain of a new set of consumers, but what if we told you there was much more to the madness of Social Media Marketing than you initially assumed? Utilizing various social media platforms & catering to the clients that enjoy that particular outlet is highly important in capturing their interest in relation to your product. While a few simple tactics may catch the attention of a few new sources, we’ve collected a small roster of ideas to help boost your business’ & reach sales goals with a simple social media share. Let it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest – take the time to cater to your clients via their favorite social platform & watch business BOOM!

1. Offer Strong Customer Support
Seeing that you’re taking the time to tap into social media channels in hopes of gaining new clientele, imagine how much MORE new customers will fall in love with your business if there is someone available to answer any & all questions that may be developed. Offering a live chat or (depending on your product) a pop-up that welcomes the customer to the site will create a memorable impact for your new site visitor. Running this helpful feature during the duration of your social media campaign will aid in achieving maximum potential.

2. Learn From Previous Analytics
They do say that one of the quickest ways to learn is to analyze mistakes that may have been made prior. Taking the time to observe reports & analytics from a prior campaign will make all the difference in the success of your new social media campaign. Record what did well, but also record what didn’t do well & allocate the time to attempt to see where things may have steered left. Also, be sure to have analytics established on the current campaign to track what business came directly from your social media source.

3. Maximize Your Potential
Since you are taking the time to run a social media campaign, why not take advantage of increased traffic on your site? A few successful ideas include inducing a pop up on your landing page that collects emails for future discounts or create an exclusive sale that members of social media may have access to before the general public.

4. Offer a Decent Discount
What better way to reel in new clientele than offering a difficult to pass up exclusive deal? If there is anything new customers love more than exclusivity, it’s saving money where they can. Taking the time to create a brief & brainy campaign revolved around one focused platform/clientele is sure to bring success.
Tap into the crowd of shoppers with their eyes on a bargain, while at effortlessly displaying what goodies you have to offer them in the future as well. All customers gained through the campaign will be a win-win.

5. What’s More Attractive Than Free?
Anything your business can afford to spare, now is a great time! What better way to lure in new customers than with FREE? Even if it is a component as simple as free shipping, this will be one of the strongest factors in helping your new clientele decide if they want to take the time/energy to invest in visiting your landing page of choice, and better yet – actually making a purchase. Taking the extra step to sugar coat the deal will always be an effective method in eMarketing, but with NEW customers gained from social media, creating a special experience for them is important as first impression is everything.