Looking to expand your business to target teens and Millennials? Want to be one of the strongest brands utilizing the most innovative and popular social media platform? Snapchat for your business is the answer. Valued at $16 billion, Snapchat has now become one of the ultimate social media platforms utilized for marketing. With over 100 million active users a day and over 400 million snaps per day, Snapchat has become one of the fastest growing social networks to ever hit the market. Businesses are using Snapchat everyday to create fun stories that engage the audience, creating a fun and active community for your brand/product. If your business doesn’t have a Snapchat, today may be the time to finally discover what this dog filter and GeoTags are all about.


  1. Create a Customized Geofilter for Your Brand

Pop up ads always grab your consumers attention, however they are annoying and give your brand a irritable association once they are exposed to them. Geofilters – on the other hand, are special overlays designed special for Snaps that can be accessed solely in certain locations. You simply choose the geographic area you want your filter to be available in and upload an image asset specifically for a certain mile radius. Geofilters not only make advertising fun for the consumer, but also get the word spread fast as they often end up advertising for you by sending the picture to their friends and sharing on other platforms.


  1. Highlight Special Events

If your company is hosting or taking part in an event, Snapchat is the perfect tool to promote it. Let it be purchasing a special-made GeoTag or custom filter, you can also highlight the special events by posting them onto your story. This tactic is used by most mogul brands from the NBA to W Magazine. By highlighting the best parts on your story and exposing different aspects of your brand, consumers will feel the need to attend the next event themselves or buy your product.


  1. Take People Backstage

Similar to highlighting special events on your story, you can also take people behind the scenes to your company’s community, giving them a personal connection to what you are trying to sell. By taking your consumers backstage you are showing them that you are more than merley a product, but instead an industry leader. For instance, capturing a simple company birthday party will show your consumer that you care about more than just the money. Giving them a personal insight to how the product is made will make them feel safe and confident when purchasing.


  1. Partner With Social Media Influencers

Partnering with influencers on Snapchat is the equivalent to using a celebrity to endorse your product on TV, however it provides a much more personal feel. By allowing a certain social star to “take over” your Snapchat for a day or two, you can give your audience a fun and willing way to be influenced into purchasing your product. Not everyone is often watching TV for the commercials, but it’s almost certain you will always see consumers on Snapchat for the snaps.


  1. Tease the Consumer With Your Product

Use your story to promote products that aren’t even out yet so that your consumer can’t help but buy it when it is finally released. Since each snap only lasts a few seconds, every preview is only going to leave them wanting more. Anyone who uses any social media platform is constantly seeing the repetitive advertisements that only get duller the more you look at it. However, with Snapchat, you can make each snap different and unique, making your audience craving to see more pictures and videos.