Something similar to Willy Wonka’s everlasting Gobstopper, To-Do lists can follow up next on the list of items that are never ending – whether sweet and savory or not , it will be ongoing until the end of time. Refraining from adding items to the list or attempting to short hand recall your roster is not the route to take either as things often go unnoticed and neglected as the days move forward.

DO: Use pen and notebook as often as often as you can. It may seem a tad prehistoric, but nothing becomes more vivid than your own priorities displayed on paper in your very own handwriting.

DO: Make lists of your things To-Do, cross things out as you complete them (strike through if you decide to take the electronic route) as it allows you to feel that proud sense of accomplishment.

DO: Prioritize. Take the time to choose what is MOST important for you to complete and be sure to highlight them until you are able to knock the To-Do right off your roster.
DO: Understand that it’s OKAY. If you don’t get to everything, there’s always tomorrow.

DO: Make note of deadlines – or of course naturally you’ll miss them. Oops!

DO: Treat yourself. Buy a box of Gobstoppers! Take a trip to window shop at your favorite store. Find something to allow yourself to see the positive side of anti-procrastination and getting things done.


DON’T: Sweat the small stuff! It’s good to remind yourself that there are only 24hrs in a day. Making a To-Do list for the week, in addition to one for things you’d like to achieve what’s important to you.

DON’T: Procrastinate! Always easier said than done, but when you find yourself moving your tasks from day to day to day – think twice. Maybe it’s finally time to get that duty done.

DON’T: Wait until the countdown. Once you’ve reached the final few hours of a target date, it’s likely you’ve already overthinked it into oblivion and will perform less fulfillingly than if it were done earlier.

DON’T: STOP! Whether it’s creating a new business plan or designing your latest logo, once you find a momentum – go as long as you can. Ride the productivity train until the wheels fall off the railing.

DON’T: (Try not to) become too overwhelmed as it is easy to do. Deep breaths breaks are good practice.

DON’T: Allow yourself to become disappointed or discouraged in any way. Not the way to success.
Take the next step into action – only you can make the call to move forward. Let this be day 1 of 365, Pablo Picasso would be proud.