What is the Brand The Globe Content Network?

Brand the Globe, at its core, is a content agency, and as a result, we respect and have synergy with those that also specialize in creating unique and creative content as well. In partnering with Brand the Globe, your core audience gets to discover great new content, while you get to expose them to great products from our clients in a credible and creative way. Let Brand the Globe find new income streams for you by allowing you to monetize you blog/site, without you having to do the heavy lifting of finding new prospects.

Want To Know About Our Process?

Think you can be a content network partner of Brand the Globe?  We’re always looking for good fits. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Content originality
  • Clear and defined target audience for your site
  • Mobile optimized web presence
  • Willingness to Collaborate With Some Awesome Brands
  • Active Social Media Channels

If you feel your platform fits this criteria, we would love to have you send us your info so we can discuss the potential partnership. Once going through our application program, we’ll start connecting you with various brands we work with that are hungry for exposure. It’s a true win-win.

We Help You Build, We Help You Grow

We view our content network as true strategic partners, and therefore we want to ensure the longevity of their ability to produce content for our clients. That’s why our partner program comes with added benefits that other content networks don’t provide. Our team of digital experts provide free-of-charge consulting around optimizing and marketing your site so that exposure continues to grow. This is what real partnerships look like.

BTG Content Network

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