With many social media platforms to keep up to date on, there can be a consistent strong challenge of wondering whether we truly need these applications or are we merely just trying to keep up? Using these platforms on a personal level is one aspect of the social media coin, but on the other hand – how can you utilize these social media platforms to transform them into being a strong aid in the overall success of your business’ outreach? Although there are slew of methods depending on the type of operation you’re running, we’ve collected a few generic pointers to help you reach the maximum potential for your Facebook usage. One of the strongest rules of thumb in marketing is driven partly from creativity and partly from promotion, using the tactics that you know will work well for your business in addition to these Facebook tips you’re bound for a taste of success.


Tip #1: Create Facebook Advertisements for Contests/Competitions or Call to Actions

Although generating an Ad Campaign to run on Facebook is an exciting and grand opportunity, seeing that you are using your own budget to help accomplish this goal – it’s very important it’s completed correctly the first time around. Take the time to plan your campaign wisely with the ultimate goal of generating a decent amount of Facebook followers and new contacts. Take the time to target your audience wisely.


Tip #2: Boldly and Proudly Display Your Business’ Services for Audiences to Easily View
Facebook does a pretty grand job of categorizing pages and organizing information, do keep in mind that it automated more so tailored to help you optimize your pages potential. Providing a visual representation of what your business offers using images and promotions is only going to help maximize your outreach efforts. Why stay simple & tailored via Facebook like your competitors if you don’t have to?

Tip #3: Support a Good Cause, or Two!
Showing your audience that you are an active member in your business’ community or care about a particular cause will only help your outreach grow immensely. Not only will you attain new attention thanks to the member looking into the special cause you support that happen to discover your page, but this tactic also works vise versa as well. Whether you choose a local cause or something abroad, this displays the kinsmanship Facebook users are often seeking in the business they are involved with.


Tip #4: Use Visuals to Easily Explain Your Business to Audience Members
Not only do Facebook members have an extremely short attention span, using strong and creative images to help brand your business on Facebook is an excellent idea. Displaying a strong cover photo that clearly describes what your operation offers automatically intrigues the reader leaving them wanting more. Allow a space for a sign up tab to help your page gain more of a long term audience as opposed to only likes.

Tip #5: Make it Easy for Your Customers to Keep in Close Contact with Your Content
Allowing Facebook users to have easy access to your promotions and content is key to the success of business’ effect on the social media platform. Tagging customers and fans of your business displays your care level, these features on your page should also be easily displayed to encourage more of the activity. Information related to your mission statement and other social media handles is also important to have displayed in an aesthetically appealing manner as well, again for easy access in hopes of more ROI;

In conclusion, using the Facebook platform as a direct portal to your fans will grant you access to what members may or may not be interested in when it comes to your business regardless of how big or small. Creating strong themed content, engaging posts, seasonal cover photos and creative campaigns is an excellent way to interact and get to know your consumers, in turn also getting to know what works well for your business.