We took the time to sit down with Olympic & Pan American Medalist Lauren Sesslemann to see how she Brands the Globe. Utilizing her success as a soccer star & role model to serve as a positive influence while making strong  marketing moves in her own avenues. Native to Wisconson, Sesslemann gained great traction after attaining her Candian citizenship. Sesslemann represented Canada in the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. In Canada’s run to a bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics, Sesselmann started all six matches.
Read more below to see how Sesslemann Brand’s the Globe.

What Do You Do For a Living Lauren?
I am a professional soccer player & then I also own three business on the side. I have a fitness company called Fit As a Pro & I have a soccer academy that I do Worldwide which is called Success Through Soccer & then I’m also starting a clothing line which is set to launch next Spring. So stay tuned for that!

What’s your favorite sport to play aside from soccer?
I’m going to have to say basketball. I love basketball. That was my favorite sport growing up & I have to say we were 21 – 0 State Champs my senior year of high school. What What!

What’s Your Astrological Sign?
I am a Leo *rawrrrs*

Do You Think It Applies You Pretty Well?
Oh definitely, I think a Leo is like a lioness. Someone who takes charge, is a leader & a role model & has a warm personality & I think that totally fits me to the bill.

What Would You Say Inspires You When You’re Off the Field?
I would have to say, even though I know it’s a bit of a cliche but my family definitely inspires me. I see how hard they work, just being around them gives me such a positive energy & taking that energy on & off the field makes me a part of who I am.

Lauren, What Do You Like Most About California?
I’d have to say the sunshine because I think it’s still snowing back in Wisconsin. What I love actually is there is just so much to do here & everything is so healthy. I’m from the Midwest where we eat a lot of cheese & a lot of brats, all that stuff. So when I’m out here I can experience all the healthiness & all the different fun workout activities going on. I’ve experimented with a different exercise each day I’ve been here. I enjoy coming out here.

What is the Most Health Conscious Thing You’ve Tried in California So Far?
Kale. I always eat so much Kale when I’m out here. Like I’ve never seen it in Wisconsin. I try to eat it as much as I can here. When you put a lot of other fun things on it, kale is really great.

Where Do You Keep Your Olympic & Pan American Medals?
My parents actually have a little shrine dedicated to the Green Bay Packers downstairs, we have a little bar that has all the jerseys & helmets. So they actually keep it next to that so I feel pretty special.

If You Had to Eat the Same Thing For One Month What Would It Be?
Besides Kale & Oreos, I don’t know if it’s because I’m from Green Bay but I love burgers. I try to make them healthy, I put a little egg on them. Maybe a little avocado. Maybe wrap it in lettuce instead of putting a bun. But ya, I love burgers! & Turkey Burgers, Quinoa Burgers, Bean burgers, I love it all.

What Athletes Inspire You?
I would have to say my teammate Kristin Sinclair, she’s very inspirational. All that she’s accomplished from such a young age & all that she’s done for our team is pretty incredible.

What Inspired You to Start Fit As A Pro?
It’s something that I’ve always been passionate about, I’ve alway helped mentor kids & worked out with them. I was actually on the set of a movie & I was working out with the cast & the crew. One day one of the producers asked me if I’d want to work together to create this, it’s always something I’ve been passionate about and something I’ve always wanted to do after soccer. It sprang to life & started growing rapidly. I’m really happy about that.

Do You Have Any Exclusive Insight on Fit As A Pro for Brand the Globe?
We are doing a lot of fun partner series, that’s our next big thing at Fit As A Pro. We are going to start working with a lot of celebrities, athletes & trainers around the world. Also I’m starting a new TV show, a pilot & another movie coming up this fall.

What’s Your Favorite Type of Workout?

I really love boxing. It’s a great stress reliever. Also, I’m really getting into Pilates; I really like the reform there. It’s great for the core & it’s great for soccer players.

What’s Your Favorite Movie of All Time?

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Kate Hudson, Matthew McConaughey they’re amazing. I’m such a romantic & I love comedies.

What Advice Would You Give to Younger Aspiring Soccer Players?
I would say to always have fun, when you stop having fun then it’s not right for you anymore. I’ve come across a lot of kids I mentor that are forgetting about having fun or they’re too focused on what their coach says. I think when you go out there everyday, doing something that you love, giving it your all, just having fun, laughing with your teammates & having fun with your teammates – that’s what makes the total athlete.

What Type of Music Do You Like?
Everything except that heavy metal.

Sushi or Burgers? BURGERS
Pancakes or Waffles?  PANCAKES
Food or All the Food? ALL THE FOOD
James Bond or the Bunny Rabbit? JAMES BOND
Matthew Mcconaughey or Kate Hudson?
Pineapples or Oranges? PINEAPPLES
Taylor Swift or Karlie Kloss?
Beyonce or Becky with The Good Hair? BEYONCE, DUH.