In today’s swiftly advancing market, traditional marketing techniques (different variations of commercials, billboards, flyers, paid advertisements, direct mail, etc.) are costly and slowly coming to a close. With social media and digital marketing on the rise one of the most successful sources of outreach has been noted as inbound marketing. Inbound marketing focuses on targeted techniques that help potential customers find your business when they are ready to discover a particular product or service via podcats, web ads, SEO, social media marketing and many other creative sources based solely from inverted consumer interests. With inbound marketing you are able to find targeted true customer leads with a stronger response rate as opposed to simply taking a shot in the dark via traditional marketing methods. We’ve collected our top tier tips to help your business rise and become Insanely Good at Inbound Marketing. Good luck!

1. Take Care of Your Content
In order to locate potential customers, you need to create compelling content that will that attract their attention to your site. Good content marketing involves strong tailored content including blog posts, videos, infographics, and more. By utilizing content marketing you are not only selling your product without directly telling people to buy it, but instead you are delivering attractive information that makes your customer more intelligent and interested in learning more about your brand.

2. Pick a Keyword & Optimize
Inbound marketing is directly correlated with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In order to gain traffic for relevant keywords, you have to use those carefully chosen keywords on your site to help maximize your outreach on the web. To do this successfully, you need to be aware of which words people could possibly enter into a search engine when looking for content/material like yours. The key is to focus on a keywords that are valuable yet common enough and create specific links on your site connected to these words.

3. Keep It Consistent & Constant
A successful marketer needs to think like a publisher, meaning that in order to develop a strong brand and maintain customers that are genuinely interested you need to update content with a consistent routine. Sharing content that your consumers will not only love, but can also look forward to is a primary part of assuring your business is industry leading. Create a realistic plan based on the resources you have, make the most of it. More content is better than less, but remember, quality will always trump quantity.

4. Convert Leads to Customers
Inbound marketing is tailored to people at all stages of the buying process – from just browsing to checking out at on online store to watching a video on YouTube or Hulu. Although this new format of marketing seems larger than life, the advantage of this is that you can spend your sales time talking to the people who are ready to buy and use automated communication with customer who are just beginning the sales cycle.

5. Publish Positive Reviews
The best way to build confidence within your brand is through testimonials from customers who have had a positive past experience with your company. Due to social media, this is actually extremely easy. Most members of social media platforms would bend over backwards for a mention from their favorite brand, even if it is customer service related. You can create a comment and review box on your website or have someone write a recommendation on LinkedIn. It’s also always a plus to retweet a flattering tweet. Who doesn’t love creative content directly sourced from your consumers/fans?

6. Share Your Successes
Bragging humbly will never hurt your brand, it will absolutely help as a business should always display their accomplishments proudly. Be sure to maintain an updated portfolio of your strong materials on your website, share content you’ve written, awards received, and always include a brief bio. If you’re company just reached one million customers – tell the world. Success will only lead to more success.

7. Imagine an Email Popup
Even though some find email pop-ups to be a bit annoying, they’re actually proven to be quite successful. An email list is a top factor in building a business as it gives direct access to the customers that enjoy hearing from your brand. By creating compelling subject lines your business will only grow as it captures the interest of consumers within a glance. Even if people aren’t opening them, your business has crossed their mind for the day as they’ve likely thought about clicking through to your website/landing page.

8. Analyze & Adjust Marketing Tactics
The final step to inbound success is to constantly monitor your results and allow for adjustments to your strategy. Properly analyzing inbound marketing results will help you pinpoint the areas where you need to make adjustments and see the areas you are succeeding in so that you can continue the good work.