A hashtag is a word or phrase paired the pound sign (#) or otherwise known as the “hash” to identify messages on a specific topic on social media. With many tips and tricks to social media, the main question is “how does the hashtag help marketing?” When it comes to branding and advertising, if utilized properly use a hashtag you can expect hundreds of new opportunities, followers and customers. Hashtags make online searches easier and faster by being arranged according to category. Anyone can start their own hashtag, if it’s clever and catchy – you can expect a slew of new followers and a stronger, more successful overall business. But if you want your hashtag experience to help boost business, you need to know where and how to use them.


Where to Use It:



Twitter: Twitter is the birthplace of the hashtag and the best social media platform to use it. On Twitter, hashtags are mainly used to indicate a specific topics of conversation. The hashtags the user would most likely be interested in are shown on the sidebar of their Twitter feed under “Trends.”


Instagram: Aside from Twitter, Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for hashtags. When using a hashtag on Instagram your main purpose is to complement your photo with a catchy tag. Instagram users often discover new accounts and content thanks to the trendy hashtag.


Tumblr: Although they are technically called “tags” instead of “hashtags,” these Tumblr tags works similar to any other hashtag. On Tumblr, you can use these tags to find any post related to a specific company, news story, or etc. They are mainly used as a bookmark for content you don’t want to miss.


Pinterest: Pinterest hashtags are used to mark and search for content. In order for the hashtag to be useful, you need to click on the pin to discover the hashtag link. Using unique hashtags will help track your pin, however hashtags on Pins are not as useful here as they are on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.


Facebook: Facebook only started using hashtags in 2013, gaining great success since it’s start. However, it works like all the other sights, you click on the hashtag and it will make lead you to a list of posts and material containing that same hashtag.


            Tips to Use Your Market Hashtags as an Advantage:


Use Popular Hashtags On Your Posts:

Search for the most popular hashtag trends and join the club. The more popular the hashtag is the more likely it is for people to see your post. If you can show that you’re not just ‘strictly business’ are more likely to follow you.

Use Hashtags Relevant To Your Business:

Do your hashtag research by looking at what competing businesses are using for their hashtags. Make sure that it’s simple and catchy so that other users can easily find it. For instance, if you are launching a clothing line use a hashtag like #CuteClothes.


Create Your Own Hashtag:

To make assure your particular business truly stands out from the rest, be sure to create an original hashtag for special events or campaigns. Coke a Cola’s #ShareACoke is a the perfect example. It’s simple, easy to remember, and fun to pose for. Don’t forget to use your hashtag in promotional tweets and pictures, also encouraging your followers to do the same.


Make A Contest Out Of It:

People will be more likely to use your hashtag if they could benefit from it. By telling users to use your hashtag and in return they could possibly win a small prize, you could generate a lot of buzz for your company. Even if a particular user isn’t interested in your product they’ll most likely join in just to see if they could win.