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13 09, 2016

12 Reasons To Start Your Business’s Blog Today

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A business starting a blog is becoming one of the most important marketing strategies to improve sales and organic customer engagement behind actually launching a website to sell your products. Blogging allows businesses to interact with customers and ultimately takes the route of involving them in your brand to improve their connection with your company. Several new and small brands have become successful, even competing with big mogul companies that may be considered as competition, simply by creating a blog [...]

7 09, 2016

The Top (Successful) Trends in Digital Marketing

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Today consumers are in tune with multiple devices, platforms, and social media channels on a daily basis - making on site locations not the only influence within the business space anymore due to new/improved spaces like the online platforms that encourage members to spend more time online via their brand of choice. As a result, digital marketing has continued to evolve in order to assure every user and consumer has the most information possible, as well as the most seamless [...]

31 08, 2016

10 Unique Content Ideas You Might Be Missing

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A true quality brand is only as good as the content it provides for its consumer, you need intriguing and creative content to have a good marketing campaign. It’s difficult to know where the line is drawn between being too promotional and not enough push. That’s why the true trick is to be promotional in unique ways that don’t even seem like advertising, but more so focused on the content your customer enjoys. Every time you entertain your consumers, you [...]

17 08, 2016

Why Influencers Are Majorly Important

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Now that most of the world has officially shifted to social media and understands the strong benefits, consumers are now dependent on other consumers to become more directly informed about their purchasing decisions. Instead relying on out of date advertising techniques where results are not truly all the way clear, why not follow a well-known marketing trend that gains positive results and strong ROI without a doubt? Utilizing “Influencers” has been a proven method to help brands attain a slew [...]