With its ever changing system & sets of rules, keeping up with Pinterest as a business can prove to be a strong challenge as time progresses. Like many other popular social media platform, Pinterest has implemented many changes in attempt to help suit the interest of their users. If you’re looking for tips on how to use Pinterest strategically, we’ve collected a small set of pointers to help your business conquer the Pinterest platform. Attain your company’s goals in no time from driving web traffic to an increase in sales, regardless of your goal for the season – why not allow the members on one of the most popular social media platforms help you? Happy pinning!
1.Set a Strategy
Just like any other mission you may be looking to execute, having a solid & effective strategy is key.

2. Explore Rich Pins
Use rich pins to provide users with more information about the pins that interest them, in turn assuring that all if not most pins are related to your product/service in some way.

3. Promote Other Pinners
Taking the time to specially select unique pinners to repin or communicate with via comment is highly recommended. Not only does this display your business is active in your avenue of choice, but it’s also likely that pinner will also repin some of your content or comment back as well. It’s a win, win!

4. Cross Promote
Similar to the notion mentioned above, there are many users on Pinterest that focus solely on the idea of cross promotion. While browsing Pinterest, it’s wise to develop a small roster of users that you could contact to share some of your content intentionally in return for promotion of their persona/personality.

5. Pay Mind to Your Pin Comments
Ignoring customers or fans on your Pinterest feed is the quickest way to see a decline in traction. Not only will you likely lose the loyalness of the ignored user, but other potential consumers will see that you don’t respond and will not likely leave a comment. ALWAYS display superb customer service and reply to comments/questions.

6.  Tailor Your Brand
Using Pinterest as a platform, create an experience unique to this particular social media network. If you’re consumer happens to follow you on Twitter or Instagram, how neat would it be to see new and fresh content tailored to the boards unique to your brand. Similar cover images, topics close to your business, etc. are highly advised.

7. Know What Works
Take the time and energy to see what works for your brand and what doesn’t in the long run. Utilize analytics, customer feedback, sales and as many other factors that you can to help gauge what works for your business via this platform and what does not. In most instances via social media platforms, trial and error can be an effective method.

8.  Create Boards That Represent Your Business
The MOST important key to success as a business via Pinterest lies in the strength of your boards. While navigating through your business’ Pinterest page, generating a page that is extremely relevant to your brand is important. You want to leave a lasting impression for potential consumers, which is the full throttle point taking part in the platform.