Today consumers are in tune with multiple devices, platforms, and social media channels on a daily basis – making on site locations not the only influence within the business space anymore due to new/improved spaces like the online platforms that encourage members to spend more time online via their brand of choice. As a result, digital marketing has continued to evolve in order to assure every user and consumer has the most information possible, as well as the most seamless experience/interactions with your business. The smart brands have made sure to maintain their digital marketing campaigns constantly up to date so that they can reach as many possible consumers. There is never a timeless trend in the world of digital marketing, however you can never go wrong with trying out the most popular trends and successful trends. We’ve collected the Top Successful Trends in Digital Marketing for you to implement into your workflow.

1.Maintaining Mobile Friendly Websites
It’s 2016, and essentially everything is viewed via a mobile device. Consumers love mobile-friendly websites because they are user-friendly and create a seamless experience you can attain anywhere. Having the ability to visit a website on-the-go is important to the user and creates better business for your brand in the long run.

2. Quizzes & Polls Are Actually Fun
Users love taking and sharing quizzes on social media sites, therefore marketers are taking advantage of this opportunity by integrating quizzes, polls and interesting personality puzzles tailored special to their market in their content marketing strategy. The quiz can be as simple as “What is Your Spirit Animal” or “Which Kardashian Are You?”

3. The – 5 – Second – Rule
Studies show that if you don’t catch the attention of the viewer in the first 5 seconds, the rest of your advertisement is practically pointless because engagement drops dramatically. It doesn’t matter whether you are going for humor or drama, you need to grab the user’s attention immediately to attain higher results.

4. Utilize Live Streaming Apps
Live streaming apps have made it easier for consumers to connect with brands and businesses. The best part about this trend is that it is simple and easy to do, because all you need is your cell phone and a short video to connect to the consumer. So simple it becomes fun to connect.

5. An Omni-Channel Experience
An Omni-Channel experience is a multichannel approach to sales that provide a seamless experience, regardless of channel or device. In other words, it allows the consumer to have an easy and helpful experience shopping whether the customer is online, at the store, on the phone, or on a mobile device – in some way they still feel connected with your brand.

6. Google’s 3 Pack
The Google 3-pack makes it easier for the consumer to navigate on desktop and mobile. Instead of showing 7 search results on a page, Google now shows 3 local search results, making your website stand out more and easier to find within your prime area. However, there aren’t many spots up for grabs, so it’s important to optimize your Google listing now.

7. Target Consumers Based on Their Interests
Pinterest has become a prominent tool for marketing on social media and now it’s stepping up even more by introducing it’s new sources of pins and the smart feed. With these new formats, brands will be able to target a specific person based solely on their interests. Popular brands like Gap, Nestle, and L’Oreal are all perfect examples of attaining the a success via targeting.

8. Let Consumers Be Your Marketers
It’s common knowledge that you’re friend’s word means a lot more than a company’s word. If your friend tells you how awesome a product is, it’s likely you are going to trust their opinion about 95% of the time. A prime example includes how it has become a popular trend for brands to use and share their customers’ experience as content. Word of mouth is a trend that will never go out of style.

9. Advertise Through Instagram
Our society thrives on visual stimulation and as a result Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Now, successful businesses are using this app to their advantage. The best part, is that you have several options when it comes to how you want to advertise. You can go traditional and place an ad or use an influencer if you really want to create some buzz.

10. Tap Into Facebook Video
When you think video, the first thing that comes to mind is YouTube, however Facebook is actually the new streaming king after being ranked #1 as it is simultaneously one of the strongest social media platforms as well. Facebook is constantly beefing up its own video platform and brands are using it to commit to mobile video marketing. Genius!

11. Utilize Buy Buttons
Everyone knows that the best digital marketing campaigns make it as easy as possible for the user to shop and explore, now the quickly evolving buy buttons are swiftly becoming a part of that. Brand’s are now putting buy buttons under Ads on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Google. That means a user can literally make a purchase from a tweet. This creates a seamless purchasing experience and integrates shopping with social media.